Types of Designs

Commercial, Industrial, Office &  
  Subdivision Designs
Condominium Layout & Design
Park & Recreational Facility Design
Special Assessment Districts
Water Distribution Systems
Water Supply Design
Infrastructure Rehabilitation & Design
Pedestrian Walkway Design
Waste water Management
Storm water Management
Planned Unit Developments
Green Building Design
Traffic Studies
Traffic Signal Design
Retention/Detention Basin Design
Public Drain Improvement Design
DEQ Permitting
Landscape Design


Design Process

Preliminary Research and Land   
  Survey Work
Feasibility Studies
Plan Review
Cost Estimating
Conceptual Layout Plans
Site Plan (Preliminary Layout)
Detailed Design
Earthwork Calculations / Land  
Specification Writing
Advertisements for Bids
Award of Contract
Contract Documents
DEQ Storm Water Inspections
Local, State, and Federal Permitting
As-Built Drawings